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Rosemary makes for the perfect Engagement Photos

On September 25, 2021, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I arrived in Rosemary Beach, FL. Walking past all the area that I typically shoot weddings at, I found myself one block pack the Eastern Green. Here is where I met Austin. Austin was in town from Atlanta, a trip that him and his then girlfriend made every year for the past 6 years. This year though, things were different. Austin and Kendall were used to coming to Rosemary Beach alone, but this time, both sides of their family were in town as well. It was Lauren, Austin's mom, who contacted 8nfinity Photography, was especially giddy, walking all over town helping her son find the perfect spot for him to propose. Wait, What!!!!!!! That's right Austin after 6 years with Kendall was ready to take the plunge. The pretended to have a dinner reservation at 5 pm and on the way, Austin pulled Kendall aside to show her something her found early in the day, little did she know, her life was just now about to begin. Austin, with the gorgeous rosemary beach scenery around him, dropped to one knee and asked for Kendall's love forever. She could barely hold back her excitement long enough for Austin to ask. Once he did, she said "yes." This is where the epic love story of Austin and Kendall begins. 8nfinity photography was there to capture everything.

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